Wellness Treatments

Facials with the product line from CA Botanical which is know for it great quality products


Gatherings - Ceremonys


Private or in group

My purpose is to Empower, Inspire, and Uplift others guiding them to find their own Divinity.

- Soraya Mendoza

Relaxed Mind

A relaxed mind is a happy mind. I offer you techniques through my teachings on Primordial Sound, Seven Spritual Laws of success workshop and energy center (Chakra programs)

Healthy Body

Meditation as well sound therapy is known to have a significant effect on immune cells, research shows relaxation exercises may boost your immune systems.

Monthly Theme

My wellness treatments are always following a theme for the specific month.

Classes private or in group

All classes are offered either as a group or private. Private instructions are taught one on one classes and customized to your needs. Everything can be offered in Spanish.

Wellness Treatment Promotions

Every month a new promotion for a theme facials, skin cares, and more surprises 



A variety of practices and services such as Guided meditations, Balancing Chakra Yoga sessions, Primordial Sound Meditation, Spiritual Gatherings, Healing Sessions.


Looking what to read, come and visit my blog. I write about Intentions for a better world, staying connected with joy, expressing your true self and higher purpose, and many other subjects.