Who is Soraya Mendoza

About Soraya

Soraya Mendoza was born in Mexico City, and she is an American citizen. She has been in the Wellness Industry for about 20 years. She completed Esthetics training in the Poway Academy, as well as Medical Esthetics. Soraya is Board certified (Board of Barbering and Cosmetology) and she has an International Business Major. Soraya was the previous owner of Beauty with Soraya Day Spa Inc. in San Diego California for seven years.

Soraya became a certified Chopra Instructor in May 2010. She is very grateful to the Chopra Center and the Seaside Center for all the guidance and the support that they have given to her. She has a certification on the Foundations Course of the Science of the Mind with Rev. Christian Sorensen, D.D.

Soraya has served the Carlsbad Senior Center community facilitating the introduction to the Primordial Sound Meditation for about six years.   

Wellness therapist, Esthetician


Retreat Facilitator

Soraya has held retreats and ceremonies in 2011 (Oceanside) Full moon Drumming Circle, 2012 (Ramona), 2013 (Italy), 2014 (Ramona), 2015 (La Jolla), 2016 (Joshua tree), 2017 (Sound Therapy DVD publication, Mother Earth Ceremony in Oceanside supporting the people affected by natural disasters). The Sanctuary at Menifee California grand opening took place on December 25, 2014. 

As she continues to develop her spiritual growth she is passionate in sharing with others this wisdom.
Her purpose is to EMPOWER, INSPIRE, AND UPLIFT others guiding them to find their own Divinity

Five years ago I came to the Carlsbad Senior Center looking for help and came to Soraya's meditation & yoga class. I was unable to walk without a cane as I had head and back injury, headaches and could not balance myself. I am very grateful and thankful that Soraya took the time and patience to work with me. I am not walking with a cane, thank God. I have also attended her retreats. I highly recommend Soraya.
Frances Campos
Carlsbad, CA
In early March 2015 I had attended a meditation class at the Menifee yoga studio led by Soraya. I had never felt more welcome. Before, class she explained to me the type of meditation we would be doing, demonstrated the poses we would be doing. Because of Soraya's personal touch caring about her students, I further my journey into primordial sound meditation besides her Monday evening classes. I have attended several workshops she has presented. I then took the Chakra series. Receiving my personal sound was the most blissful experience I ever had. I feel that I have gained a knowledge and background that will sustain my meditation practice because of Soraya. I hope to see you at one of her classes.
Ken Rowe
Menifee, CA
Soraya. Here are some words for your journey that you walk so well. By letting the Divine grow within you, as it involves services to others, sincerity, kindness, and reverence for all of life. In helping other to practice awareness; to become aware encourages authentic thoughts to grow and appear in our inner world, and so will that lower self vanish as the Divine grows within us. Your light and love has boon for me personally, as I have changed some long-held thinking and become much more aware of my true being. Namaste!
Zeli Irizarry
Carlsbad, CA
I was introduced to Soraya at a health and wellbeing fair where I signed up to attend her course in Primordial Meditation. She clearly and lovingly explained the process of meditation, all the wonderful benefits and offered many other pieces of coaching for a healthy and happy life. I look forward to her monthly newsletter, which always seems to offer guidance or reminders in an area that I am currently needing assistance. I have also participated in her meditative facials, Full Moon Drumming Circle Ceremony, and Wellness Retreats. I have asked her and her mother to come do a blessing at my home when I have moved. Soraya makes the effort to make each interaction personal and directed at your needs. She sincerely cares about you and your health and is encouraging. The skills I have learned have allowed me to reduce my stress, take some time and breath, and enjoy the little things of life. Namaste!
Amanda Bailey
Soraya is one of the most generous and giving souls I've ever met, not only in her meditation classes but in all areas of life. She really walks the talk. I am always amazed how wonderful I feel after a class and I stay that way for the next several days. The safe space she creates allows us to go very deep if we want to, or just be relaxed. And there is never any judgement, ever.
I stumbled onto Soraya and her mother at a time when I thought meditation was nice - for other people, especially people who were good at sitting. I thought I was too active to sit still for 20 minutes. I had tried other forms of mediation and meditation groups and found them helpful but never sustainable. Soraya’s training helped me to cultivate my practice of mediation by creating the time and environment for it. Her boundless positive energy is mesmerizing. She is so embracing of her clients and totally committed to them developing their practices and getting the most out of life. She advocates for finding and travelling on your spiritual path. Through her course I was able to find my own version of all of the wonderful benefits of meditation every one else always talked about. She is an amazing teacher and an excellent guide. If you are at all curious about meditation or looking to take it to the next level, Soraya is the teacher for you. I highly recommend her course
Hope McGinn

Soraya Mendoza, Licensed Esthetician and Certified Chopra Meditation Instructor.