“If the mind is happy, not only the body, but the whole world will be happy. So, one must find out how to become happy oneself”.

YOUR PERSONAL LANDSCAPE: Take all the experiences of your life- your attitudes, wishes, and beliefs- and imagine yourself as a part of the physical world. Sit back and close your eyes picturing what kind of landscape you would be. Are you a huge desert under a blue sky? Or a beautiful forest filled with birds and monkeys and brightly colored flowers? Maybe you prefer to be a quiet, tree-lined street with peaceful, homes and beautiful gardens. I invite you to take this moment to create in yourself a world that you find wonderful and compelling to you.

Your Inner ecology is just like this landscape: at first pure and perfect, it becomes littered with the refuse of everyday life. Negative feelings such as materialism, envy, jealousy, and guilt pile up in the inner landscape, obscuring the True Self.

Therefore in the same way that you would clean up a park or a wilderness area with devotion and focused attention, your Inner Ecology can be cleansed, nurtured, and even rebuilt with time and the right attitude.

One way to start this process is CHALLENGING FEAR: Fear is the memory of something that happened in the past and we project in the future. But every moment is unique; the
past already was, and the future has not yet come. The only thing real is the
present, and depending on what we THINK and we FEEL now, we can create a

wonderful future, or just the opposite. Fear is like pain in that it can save our lives or turn them into constant misery. Approaching fear from the synergy life mastery view point means embracing it as a life saver while firmly refusing to let it run your life. Fear is a natural response to pain. When you challenge fear you are

reaching out to life and choosing to act rather than to hide. Thinking synergistically, you are turning something hurtful into a learning experience and another opportunity to interact with your world.

That is why MEDITATING everyday and staying in the present moment is very important now days. Fear is irrational by nature. We can free ourselves from it, because it is an illusion. A way to overcome fear is to recall a situation in which we feel fear, but we move forward anyway. Then we recognize that we have learned something from that situation.

APRIL 2018

Source: “CREATING EXTRAORDINARY JOY” by Chris Alexander.