Different Types of Goals

Different Types of Goals

FAMILY GOALS: Parenting is a tough job, a leadership role for which few of us are prepared. However, some basics never change. When setting family goals, remember that the only real control you have in your family (no matter who you are!) is your control of your own actions and feelings. It’s not their job to please you, just as it isn’t your job to please them.

CAREER GOALS: When we have a sense of purpose and passion, work is never “work” in the derogatory sense. It’s a place for fulfillment and achievement. Working isn’t hard when you love it. When work is fun and purposeful, it’s not “work,” it’s “work!” The strange thing is that when you love something, the other things you do also seem more enriching and enjoyable. Working with purpose and loving your work adds to your self- respect and self-esteem. Doing a good job feels good, and working with purpose is an expression of hope.


PERSONAL GROWTH GOALS: Personal growth and synergy go hand in hand. Personal growth is anything that makes you better as a person. It may encompass learning experiences and physical, emotional, and mental exercises.


SPIRITUAL GOALS: Growing as a spiritual being takes as much planning as furthering a successful career does. Spiritual goals may involve becoming more closely concerned to the universe or to your God through prayer or meditation. You may decide to increase compassion in your life through service, so your goals may include volunteering. Sometimes we just want to be kinder, gentler, or more giving and there is no reason that these desires can’t be put into action in a planned way, too.


As you continue to set your goals in each part of your life just remember to set your goals and your intentions with attention and no intention. Allowing yourself to focus in what you want so where your attention goes energy flows.



Source: “CREATING EXTRAORDINARY JOY” by Chris Alexander.