Choose to live your life on purpose. Your purpose is inside you, your true self is always there, waiting to be expressed. Connection is one of the most important things in this world and the secret to real happiness. Finding and discovering who you are and what talents you possess are so important to the essence of living. Don’t be the poet who wants to write, but never does. Don’t sell out to fear. Don’t be the singer who loves to sing and sings with love but never passes that love to someone who’s ready and waiting for it. Share your talents with those who need them. Share your real self with the world. Bare your soul, be vulnerable, and let the Universe take care of the details.

How old are we when we realize what we really value? Our values change as we grow. We start out caring about only what directly affects us, and we are taught values by our parents and culture. At some point, we start thinking for ourselves and facing situations that require us to decide what we accept and what we reject. Perhaps the most important value we develop in life is the understanding that there are things in life that matter and it’s a personal duty to uphold them.

Therefore it is important to choose your direction, to know what matters, and to act on it.

Giving up the right (and responsibility) to express the true self is the most self-limiting thing a person can do. Luckily, reclaiming that right is possible: all it takes is a choice. If we look for synergy in everything we do, we discover ways to connect. Being aware of your values, defining your purpose, and structuring your goals to express that purpose puts you in charge of your life.


Source: “CREATING EXTRAORDINARY JOY” by Chris Alexander.