We begin to live our true purpose as human beings looking for joy. Fortunately, seeing joy, is as much as a habit as anything else, so practicing it will make it a natural and one day, maybe even an unconscious way of life. There are many ways to seek joy. We can look for it in others, as well by giving the best of ourselves in friendship and love. We can notice and appreciate joy in ourselves by paying attention to the times that synergy works smoothly in our lives. And we can nurture joy in ourselves by doing what matters, being gentle with ourselves and others, connecting with Nature, or communing with our Higher Self. Expressing your True Self by using your talents is an excellent way to dip into joy. Therefore make time to be your best. Express your True Self.


Creating Beauty can be an internal or external exercise: you can create beauty in the world, or you can learn, internally, to appreciate it. Anytime you stop to appreciate something that is a present- moment creation of beauty. Creating beauty is also about using your energy and intention to clean, make art, write poetry, or even plan a party. Planting a garden, laying a walkway, painting a mural- these are all valid ways to create beauty. Artistry is a byproduct of synergy. When you work at something with focus and will, you create synergy, and whatever you touch will be better for it.


True compassion doesn’t require a Visa card, although it may make you want to spend money to help someone else. Compassion makes no distinction between calamity and the simple discouragements of being human; it embraces us all equally. Compassion can be as grand as the love of a mystic for all humanity or as simple as offering that poor guy next door a friendly grin. To love, you must know love. And to have compassion, you must feel it for yourself as well. In general, it’s easier to live in the world if you start from a happy place inside yourself. Therefore, if you want to gain access to the joy that flows around you every minute of your life, you must treat yourself with kindness and patience.


Source: “CREATING EXTRAORDINARY JOY” by Chris Alexander.