DAILY RECONNECTING: Make sure you include something spiritual in each day. Spend time with people you love, and make it special. Hug and kiss your family, your sweetheart, your pet. Love as much as you can, because its love that gets you through the difficult times. Sit in the park or take a grateful walk so you can connect with nature and remind yourself of how awesome it is. Pray, meditate; contribute something of yourself to someone who needs it.

Another part of doing reconnecting is doing kindnesses. For example; stop for pedestrians, smile at the kid who serves your coffee, and compliment a co-worker. Daily reconnecting is important to the people who are touched by your actions, and it is vital for you. You are doing more than “nice things”; you are building a reserve of good feeling in the world and contributing to synergy.

Connecting is a primal human need. We spend the first part of our lives making connections, such as the ones we make with our children, or parents. But connecting with others takes effort and needs to be a priority. Anything that puts groups into place is an avenue for connection: volunteering, joining groups and clubs, traveling, choosing events to attend every chance you have, etc.

CONNECTING WITH NATURE: Connecting with nature means casting aside the idea that we must be productive at all times to be valid. Observing and appreciating nature is about what goes on inside you as a result of your interaction with you in the world. Wind, water, earth, and sun belong to us all, and there is a primal human need for contact with the elements. This contact is something that you might feel is missing from your life even if you can’t name exactly what it is. When you feel depleted leave the cell at home and give yourself the gift of time spent in nature. Donā€™t allow deadlines, guilt, or the expectations of others to rob you of your rightful place in the natural world.


Remember that you are part of ALL THAT IS, therefore go outdoors and embrace your connection with Creation.