The Third Intent – Set your Course

I begin the creative process. I give direction to my life. I set my course.

When we set an intention we enter the world of the magical. By stating our word boldly we draw unseen forces to work on our behalf. Many do not believe this. They discount the miraculous and say that it does not work. But they are missing out.

Our thoughts and words are powerful. They are active and very energetic. Used unconsciously or with disrespect they bring chaos.

Intent is a very special ally. How do you approach this powerful companion so that you know you will work wisely together? You single out a desire, any desire. Make sure it is one that you really want to experience. Then call the Highest Good (so that only the intentions that serve you will manifest) and then clearly, courageously, confidently speak aloud the dreams of your heart. Intend that they come to you, let them go and know that Great Oneness is taking care of the details from then on.

After that, all that is required is to remain alert, be ready to receive and know: when you set your intent for that which you seek to create, it will be created.

Everything in your world- the world at large as well as your individual world, including everything you see, hear, smell, taste, touch, and feel- is the result of a thought manifestation.                      


10 intentions for a better world – Tony Burroughs