Wellness with Soraya


The product line of choice is Ca Botana which includes 3 collections:
Doctor Schwab-Age defying
Sea Enzyme-Natural
Science. Nature. In perfect Balance
http://www.cabotana.com for more details of the products.

In the year of 2004 I was selected by the magazine Renew (professional skin care magazine) to feature on their role model section. It was a great honor being recognized my effort for building long lasting relationship with my clients.

Wellness Treatments


This is a basic and complete treatment that includes the analysis of the skin, the deep cleansing of the skin with steam to help the pores open so it is easier to cleanse the pores in the extraction process if it applies to the skin type of the client. the exfoliation, extractions, facial aromatic massage with the organic essential oil for the skin type to help relax the muscles of the face and drain any debris as the massage is performed, mask for the skin type, anti-aging serum before the application of the  moisturizer for the skin and SPF 40 sunscreen to protect the skin from the environmental factors, eye creams, and lip therapy. Duration aprox. 1 hour and 30 minutes including the analysis of the skin. Complimentary hand treatment, arm, foot and lower leg massage.


This is a facial that it is performed with a pressure point Lymphatic massage which helps to enhance the immune system, it promotes tissue regeneration, stimulate lymph flow and it is very helpful after facial surgery (face lift). this is aprox. 1 hour and 10 minutes. This is a very relaxing treatment without using any products it is only the pressure point massage. Very detoxing treatment.

COLLASTIN (Natural face lift facial)

FACIAL: This is a collagen peel off mask that is with the purpose to help with the tissue as it hydrates and makes the skin radiant. This has all the steps of the European facial with the specialty mask. In this treatment a wrinkle filler cream is applied to seal the facial. aprox 1 hour and 15 minutes.


This is a very relaxing treatment with the incorporation of the aromatic essential oils, it includes the cleansing of the skin, light exfoliation, aromatic facial massage, mask, toner, serum, moisturizer and SPF 40 to protect the skin. Also includes a hand, arm, foot and lower leg massage with aromatic organic products. aprox. 1 hour. This treatment is to release stress and calm your mind and body with the power of aromatic oils.



This is for oily skin and skin with the tendency of acne. This treatment includes the Tea tree skin care collection to help and improve the acne and to prevent from getting more breakouts. It includes a deep cleansing, toner, exfoliation using enzymatic exfoliations (Papaya peel enzyme) Extractions (Cleansing of the pores and debris) Hi-frequency (Tesla current to kill bacteria from within) a  controlling mask with tea tree to help the appearance of the skin, a blemished skin serum to control the production of oil, controlling balm as a moisturizer and SPF 40 to protect the skin fro the environmental factors.

Aprox. 1 hour



This is a nice treatment that helps a teenager to start the skin care regimen. It helps the younger skin to feel fresh and  clean as it helps to avoid congestion of the pores with regular facials and home professional product to support the facials performed by the skin care practitioner.



This is a very powerful treatment that is performed on the sole of the feet and it is pressure points that touch all your inner organs to balance anything that might be out of alignment in the body. This is a very relaxing treatment that can be along with a facial (15 minutes) or just by itself. It can be a session of 30 minutes or 45 minutes depending what the client wants. This can also be performed on your hands, however the most popular  one is on the feet.



This is a wellness treatment that is on the back of the body. Includes a back facial (cleansing, exfoliation, massage, mask, moisturizer) it also includes massage on the arms, legs, hands and feet. A very good distress treatment that gives you a very refreshing and uplifting state of mind and also a good facial on your upper back.

Aprox. 1 hour