Often we have one major goal, and that’s what we focus on. But because it’s a big goal, it might seem too difficult, if not impossible, to accomplish. We might may a couple of halfhearted attempts, get discouraged, and file the dream away under “things that will never happen.” But it’s not that the goal is impossible-it’s just that you tried to climb the mountain in the hardest way. The feeling that there just isn’t enough time to accomplish your desired goal is a common de-motivator.

Sometimes a goal just isn’t worth the effort, in which case it doesn’t reflect your true purpose, and it’s perfectly okay to let go of it. Other times, the goal is worthwhile: there’s a set of steps up that mountain, and it’s your mountain.

It matters to you, you have sacrifices to make, and it will take time. It’s easier to be patient when your minor goals are laid out in an organized way, so that you have recognizable mile stones on your journey up the mountain. Don’t expect to go for years without a reward because you’re saving up for one giant party at the End!!!
To achieve your goals, do it one step at the time, but don’t lose your focus on the big picture and why you want it. Just keep seeing it. Visualize every detail and take one step at the time. With baby steps you can achieve just about anything as long as you are patient, persevere, and keep the visual image of your goal clear in your mind.
Sometimes our fears cause us to set our goals too low, to choose goals that will give us only a minimal level of satisfaction. This may help us cope and survive, but it’s the challenging, meaningful, stretching goals that help us achieve greatness. Life’s journey requires even deeper attention. Making plans that help fulfill your purpose can manifest your dreams in physical reality.



Source: “CREATING EXTRAORDINARY JOY” by Chris Alexander.