When you choose to be “purely” logical or entirely emotional, you use only part of your available resources. When you are being wholly emotional and feelings overwhelm you, it’s important to stop and use logic to take a look at what’s happening inside. Feelings, especially negative ones are signals that you need to slow down and then try to think straight.

You achieve synergy by using all your available resources, by turning your physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional attention to the task at hand. Synergy requires using every part of your personality to accomplish the things that matter in life.

Compartmentalizing the parts of your true self, ignoring your intelligences or even your reprehensible desires hinders you from reaching your goals, as the shut-off parts aren’t allowed to join in the pursuit of the goal.

This is not to say that people should run around expressing every part of themselves all the time-that would be insane. But it is important to recognize every part of your true self may serve a useful purpose when life presents you with new and often unexpected challenges. Actions require balance: don’t be ruled by any single part of yourself, but do let them all work together synergistically whenever possible.



Because we live in a culture that values material goods, we tend to see ourselves and each other as materials as well. How often have you looked into the mirror and felt bad about yourself-not just a bad hair day or the pimple at the end of your nose, but your entire self? As for the spirit, we hardly ever comment on people’s soulfulness, their depth of understanding and wisdom. We have hardly any language to describe manifestations of spirituality in ways that don’t sound naïve.

Loving someone else gives us the opportunity to look deeply at another’s spirit while our own responds to loving by growing larger and deeper. Certainly, personality figures into the relationships we choose. It is important to spend a spiritual “workout” time-to express the finest parts of your personality and increase the spiritual aspects of your life.

Synergy and joy are all about the expression of your spirit and your true self.

Source: “CREATING EXTRAORDINARY JOY” by Chris Alexander.